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About Nita Marie Clark:

Nita Marie Clark, Author of Children's books for all ages


Nita Marie Clark, along with her daughter Kathy N. Doherty founded their partnership, A Neat Read Publishing, LLC, to share Nita's stories with the world.


Nita is an active and motivated senior citizen. She has held many roles in life, such as wife, mother, grandparent, elementary school librarian, volunteer, and entrepreneur. In 2017, at the encouragement of her great granddaughter Lillian, Nita began her career as an author and released her first book; The Royal Search for Shenanigans. Looking back on all the little poems she had written over the years for inspiration, Nita has created a charming and inspiring collection of children’s books that will bring joy and laughter to readers of all ages.

Nita currently lives with her husband of 69 years William in Stark County, Ohio, where she also enjoys spending time with her children and their families. Suffering from WMD Nita uses a large screen television for her computer monitor to write her books, staying connected to her fans and researching her ancestry. With the help of her daughter Kathy, Nita has become a member of the DAR, the Society of Mayflower Descendants, and they are working on her application to the Jamestown Society.

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