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About Nita Marie Clark:


Nita Marie Clark, a resident of Stark County Ohio, is an active and motivated senior citizen. Nita has held many interesting roles in her over eighty years of life; wife, mother, grandparent, elementary school librarian, volunteering in; scouting, educational associations, and other non-profit groups. Along the way at the age of fifty Nita, found time to become an entrepreneur.


Nita has gone from placing signs in yards to signing children's books.

In 2017 at the encouragement of her Great Granddaughter Lillian, she began her new career as an author, releasing her first book for middle-grade readers; The Royal Search For Shenanigans. Not long after she released her first picture book; Why Dandelions Grow. Looking back on all the little poems she had written over the years for her children and grandchildren, she decided to turn her numbers poem into another picture book; I Hate Numbers. Rolling right along Nita has continued to release There Are No Fireflies In Montana!, the second book in The Secrets of Zen Castle Series, A Spell To Divide A Kingdom, and an early reader; Viola's Very Best Bad Day and two more picture books, That's a Stinky Can of Worms! A Pandemic Problem, and Imagine If God . . .


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