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Nita Marie Clark has accomplished many things in her lifetime. Starting school in a one-room schoolhouse in Barnesville, Ohio, moving to Canton, Ohio as a young child, losing her mother when she was only eight years old, going back to Barnesville at twelve to take care of her ailing grandmother by herself. But that was merely the early years.

Marrying the love of her life, Bill and together they raised six children. Being active in her children’s lives, Nita was a den mother for her sons’ cub scout troop, volunteered in the school library, and was PTO president.

As her children grew up and moved away, Nita was facing an empty nest. Never being one to sit still, Nita, along with the help of her husband, started her own business. A Nete Idea Sign Rental rented special occasion lawn greeting sign displays designed and created by Nita and Bill. Together they spent 31 years delivering joyous memories to customers celebrating the wonderful and fun times in their lives.

In 2017, Nita's eyesight failing, along with other problems brought on by a negative reaction to the medicine prescribed to her, Nita faced with life-altering changes. To keep her spirits up, Nita started telling her great-granddaughter, Lilli stories about one of her lawn greeting displays, that centered on a green and yellow silly dragon that Nita affectionately called Shenanigan. Loving the stories so much, Lilli encouraged Nita to write them down.

Together with her daughter, Kathy, they started A Neat Read Publishing, LLC and Nita became a self-published author of children’s books.

Nita’s first book was a middle-grade chapter book, The Royal for Shenanigans, the first book in The Secrets of Zen Castle Series, featuring Princess Lilli. From there Nita turned two poems she had written years before into picture books. With Kathy as the illustrator, Nita published Why Dandelions Grow, and I Hate Numbers. Nita found the inspiration for her next picture book, There Are No Fireflies In Montana, from her daughter-in-law, who delighted in watching the fireflies while she was visiting from Montana.

While working on her picture books, she was writing the next book in The Secrets of Zen Castle Series. It was during this process they released an important part of the whole series as a short story; A Spell To Divide A Kingdom. A short story explaining the history of the spell that set Princess Lilli to discover the Land of Shenanigans and is the basis for the series. The sixth book released from Nita Marie Clark was Viola’s Very Best Bad Day, an early reader chapter book. The inspiration for this book came some years ago when Nita overheard a young child in front of her, ask their mom why she couldn’t just go to the magic money machine to get the money they needed.

Along came 2020 and the Coronavirus. Bored Nita wrote two new picture books; That's a Stinky Can of Worms! A Pandemic Problem and Imagine If God . . . That's a Stinky Can of Worms is a pciture book that follows a superstar frog through his changing year, from his world tour and recording sessions being canceled to his decision to return to his home town, well that is after an interuption. Imagine If God . . .,  is a fun imaginative book that takes the reader on a fun ride wile God plays a game and changes the colors on many of the things He has done, only to decide that the original colors were perfect.

With age and health catching up to her, Nita closed A Nete Idea in 2018.


All books are available on Amazon, A Neat Read Publishing’s website, and most online book retailers.