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This story is dedicated to every young prince or princess that has ever opened a book and thru their imagination become a part of that story. When a reader finishes this story if they have a new respect for the generations that lived before them and how their decisions now affect their lives today, and how their life will impact future generations, I will be very proud to call this work my own.


I also wish to thank my very persistent great grand daughter Lilli who insisted I put my thoughts down on paper. Without her encouragement I would never have fulfilled my dream of becoming an author.


A special thanks to my family and friends for their help in editing this book.


Nita Marie Clark




The princess felt her entire body shaking as she hid behind the large flower bed, frozen in fear, with a hundred panicky questions swirling around in her head.

Could she trust her new friend not to give her away? What was going to happen to her if she was discovered? What if she never got home? If she did not get back home, how would her family ever know what happened to her? Why did she believe she could do this?

Tears weld up in her eyes as she considered the consequences of her choice to embark on her big adventure.

Oh my what had she done!



We need to start this story at the beginning.







Chapter 1

In The Beginning

Once upon a time, long, long ago in a place far, far away - well, I guess it wasn’t long ago and not really that far away, but all good stories should start that way.

There was a very large and very beautiful castle located on the sunny side of a mountain in the Land Of Zen. Zen was the picture-perfect place to live, never too hot or too cold. Ball games and picnics were never rained out, in fact, the rain only fell in the dark of the night, and never ever during a full moon.

In the land Of Zen lived a very special girl named Lillian this is her story, how the lives of several of her very special ancestors, each from a different century, were interwoven to form a strong bond and how their actions would start Lillian on a marvelous adventure.


So much had changed. A few weeks ago Lillian had just been the granddaughter of the queen, living on the far side of the castle, now she was the daughter of the new king and the first in line to inherit the throne. She soon would be living in the front wing of the castle. It was always the section reserved for the ruling family. It had been assumed the current queen, Queen Katherine would continue her reign for many more years to come, so it came as a complete surprise when she had informed her family she Princess Lillian kicked off her shoes, breathed a deep sigh of relief, and settled back against the soft leather seat in the limousine.


Finally, she had a few moments to herself no press, no cameras, and no one watching every move, she could just sit back and enjoy the conversation between the adults. As the limo turned up the drive to the castle the sun was starting to disappear over the mountain creating a lovely hue on the walls of the castle.


Lillian's interest perked up when she heard the head of the castle guard, Captain Coachman saying “You know she really is a grand old lady even if she is over five hundred years old, with five centuries of family history.”

Miss Prudy, Lillian's nanny, chuckled and added: “And a lot of secrets, one big secret is scheduled to be revealed tomorrow, who knows what they will find.”

Lillian drifted off to sleep. The morning seemed to come extra early for Lillian, she loved mysteries and secrets and today there was both. As Lillian got closer to the front of the castle, she could feel the excitement. All the staff seemed to have found a reason to be in the area today. The door to this suite would be unlocked for the first time in almost ONE hundred years! This was a historical moment and Lillian wanted to be a part of it. Lillian stood transfixed at the sound of the large metal key as Captain Coachman began to turn it in the lock, she shivered with anticipation as the door was opened. However, they soon realized they could not just flip a switch for light, this suite was locked before electricity was run through the castle.


The housekeeping staff began removing the heavy black drapes from the windows to let in light. No one was quite prepared for what they saw.

The room was magnificent, with beautiful murals painted on its walls. Lillian was wide-eyed as each dust cover was removed from the various pieces of furniture. She knew this was where she was meant to be and Miss Prudy agreed! With a private sitting room and very large bedroom where she could gaze out the window at the homes in the village below, and imagine the lives of the families living there. She would have the best view of the valley. If she could choose anywhere in the castle, this would be her choice. Here she felt like the princess she was!

It was very unlike Lillian but she was too excited to ask why the door had been locked all those years ago.

In just a few days she was moved into her new quarters. She was unaware her destiny had been set in motion by another young princess, living in this very same room of the castle three hundred years ago. In fact this part of the castle had many mysteries to solve and secrets to share.

Lillian would have rather been a regular girl, where she did not have to be perfect and always watch for any little misstep. She fantasized what it would be like to put on some old jeans, a pair of sneakers and ride her bike, her hair blowing in the wind, down the long curvy driveway. She would stop at the Manor House where her friend Ethan and her very best friend Kammy would be waiting.


They would ride to the park, stop by the ice cream truck, and sit on the soft green grass. They'd listen to the lovely sounds coming from the nearby carousel. The very best part though, she and her friends would spend the afternoon eating hot dogs, and popcorn, and riding the beautiful carousel.

But Lillian knew that probably was never going to happen. But then again, nothing is impossible. Sometimes the impossible does happen.

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